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Thursday, April 20, 2006

St. George's Day Campaign

St. George's Day Campaign
Who Was St. George (The Victory Bringer) Anyway?

Quotation The dragon-slaying legend of St. George is difficult to separate from the actual facts surrounding the man. He has been Patron Saint of England since at least the reign of Edward III in the 14th century and universally recognised as a Saint for some 1,600 years.

Probably he was born in Turkey (or Georgia) and grew up in Palestine. It is doubtful that he ever set foot in England. St. George is Patron Saint of many other countries besides England, including Canada, Germany, Greece, Portugal and Russia. Quotation

Help celebrate England's patron saint on April 23rdů

The Irish (both Republic and Northern Ireland) have a public holiday to celebrate St. Patrick's day - so why can't the English have one for St. George?

Continental Europe has more public holidays than the UK, so why can't the Government allow us one more day? Maybe the Government is concerned about the English then also being in favour of devolving Britain or, maybe it's just the fact that there are already Easter and May public holidays either side of April 23rd?

We at LondonEats.com decided to write to the government to get their view, this was the response from Mr. Jim Logan at the Department of Trade and Industry (the people who decide our public holidays for us)...

"...the introduction of a permanent additional bank holiday would provide problems for the business community, who are likely to oppose such a move on the grounds of the cost and disruption to indu

We hope that maybe not this year, maybe not the next, but one day and soon - St. George, the patron saint of England will be remembered and respected throughout this green and pleasant land. England has always had a troubled conscious about being patriotic, but we're sure it can be done without being at the same time xenophobic.

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