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Camden Road (Rail) Pie and Mash

Castle's, Camden Road (Rail)

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People love the food, service and ambience!
5/5 overall. Read reviews...
15 Castle's customer reviews
229 Royal College Street, Camden

Phone: 02074852196

Nearest TubestationCamden Road (Rail)
2nd Nearest TubestationCamden Town

Ignore the decor of this pie and mash shop and concentrate on the flaky pies, creamy mash and liquor (parsley sauce).

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Recent Customer Reviews of Castle's

5 out of 5
John Morgan
Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Food Rating Loved the food! Service Rating Loved the service! Ambience Rating Loved the ambience!

When I was a nipper me and my family live,d on the corner of rousden st and Randolph stir remember the sweet shop every Saturday back in the 50,s I'm 68 now I live in Northamptonshire but still go back from time to time and it still has'ant change,d. You could say pie and mash is still as good then as it is now.love it

5 out of 5
Sally Godwin
Thursday, October 31, 2013

Food Rating Loved the food! Service Rating Loved the service! Ambience Rating Loved the ambience!

Lovely place Castles. Used to go regularly on a Saturday. My Dad had a sweet shop in Randolph St and sent me there once, I must have only been about 8, when I asked for pie and mash to take away she asked if I wanted 'liquor' ....... well I took one look at it and said 'no thank you' ...... well when I took it to my Dad with no liquor I never heard the end of it "how could he possibly be expected to eat pie & mash with no liquor"! Then I started to go with my friends on Saturday's with the long queues out of the door - but it was worth it! They told me once that the liquor was 'crocodile's blood'!

I also remember June's newsagents!

4 out of 5
Jane Boardman (nee Newton)
Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Food Rating Loved the food! Service Rating Liked the service Ambience Rating Liked the ambience

I grew up in the 'sweet shop' at 114 Camden Road, my Dad was Fred and Mum June or any of you who lived in the area and might have come in the shop. We lived above the shop opposite the Palma Cafe where I used to play with a young boy called Gerald. I'm 46 now but have fond memories of Castles as I used to go in often as a young child and the sweet old lady that used to be there (can't remember her name), she used to show me round the kitchen and chat away. We moved away when I was 5, so a long time ago but I have been back since as I still have relatives in Camden and it was still great and definitely one of the best. If anyone remembers the sweet shop or my Mum and Dad let me know. It burnt down after we left and then became an Indian I believe. Memories eh! I'm so glad the pie shop is still going.